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FPC is one of the earliest leading management training companies founded in China. Providing over 4000 days of training workshops every year, FPC serves over 400 companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong.
Decision Base®:Strategic management and overall management simulation
Add/Time:Beijing 2014.10.28-29 Shanghai 2014.11.13-14 Shenzhen 2014.11.20-21
Evolution™:The creation of learning in the classroom
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.10.29-30 Beijing 2014.11.6-7 Shenzhen 2014.12.18-19
Persuasive Communicator™
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.10.21-22 Beijing 2014.10.16-17 Guangzhou 2014.10.30-31
Think on Your Feet®:Organizing & Expressing Thoughts Instantly with Impact
Add/Time:Beijing 2014.10.21-22 Shanghai 2014.10.27-28 Shenzhen 2014.10.23-24
Chengdu 2014.11.26-27
Cracking Sales Management Code:Ensure sales management in place to accelerate sales
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.10.21-22 Guangzhou 2014.11.13-14
Expedition Coaching™
Add/Time:Chengdu 2014.10.30-31 Beijing 2014.11.12-13 Guangzhou 2014.11.27-28
Shanghai 2014.12.16-17
Cayenne™:Simulation of leadership strategy in project management
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.7 Beijing 2014.11.28 Shenzhen 2014.11.26
Practical Business Presentation Skills
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.6-7 Beijing 2014.11.11-12 Shenzhen 2014.11.12-13
Organizational Savvy™:Understand organizational behaviors, apply interpersonal skills, exert personal influence
Add/Time:Beijing 2014.11.18-19
ByMe!™:High Interactive Training Delivery and Facilitation Skills
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.18-19 Beijing 2014.11.13-14 Guangzhou 2014.11.18-19
Kepner and Fourie® Thinking Works: Problem Solving & Decision Making in Collaboration
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.25-26 Beijing 2014.11.20-21 Shenzhen 2014.11.18-19
Managing Task for Excellent Performance™: Manage the right tasks, delegate to the right persons, facilitate accomplishment
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.25-26 Beijing 2014.11.26-27 Shenzhen 2014.11.18-19
Enterprise™:Develop Leaders, Construct Enterprises
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.12.4-5 Beijing 2014.11.18-19 Shenzhen 2014.11.26-27
IT Root Cause Analysis
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.26-27 Beijing 2014.12.16-17 Shenzhen 2014.12.18-19
Moments of Truth®:Improve service experience, promote sales results
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.27-28 Beijing 2014.12.9-10 Guangzhou 2014.11.25-26
Cooperation & Beyond™:Build Up Effective and Satisfying Cross-Functional / Organization Communication and Cooperaion Relationshp
Add/Time:Shanghai 2014.11.19-20 Beijing 2014.11.20-21 Shenzhen 2014.11.20-21