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Celemi Learning Consulting

Celemi is a global learning design consultancy that helps organizations rapidly improve business performance by developing the skills, motivation and knowledge of their people. Celemi's tools and methodologies allow individuals to build their capabilities around business concepts and company strategy in order to perform more effectively.


Persona, Persona Awareness Systems, Inc. is an international leader in the creation of unique learning systems that enable people to master a variety of personal and interpersonal skills. Persona learning systems help individuals achieve their full potential as human beings and career professionals.

Thinking Dimensions International

The KEPNERandFOURIE thinking technology offers a unique set of skills in the area of problem solving, decision making, root cause analysis and project management. The technology evolved from Dr Charles Kepner and Mat-thys Fourie's realization that the way in which problem solving in business is conducted has changed and companies therefore need different thinking approaches if they want to achieve results.

Think on Your Feet International,Inc.

"Think on Your Feet®" is a training course widely recognized throughout the world, with more than 100,000 people having received the training.
Ken Everett International undertakes the training program of "Think on Your Feet" in over 20 countries. First Priority Consulting(FPC)is KEI's exclusive partner in China and both companies work together to provide the training course of "Thinking on Your Feet" for Chinese enterprise customers.

Esprit Changeware

Esprit Changeware Ltd. and FPC use copyrighted course of "Moments of Truth" to help your staff who contact with customers to improve their services, to establish the self-endorsed goals, to learn how to gain insight into customers' needs, to master the critical skills in dealing with customers' questions, and thus win their positive impression.

LUMA Institute

LUMA is an educational institute, which fosters innovation by developing competency in Human-Centered Design throughout organizations. LUMA believes that in the 21st century, design will be as foundational to a person’s education and professional success as science, math, and writing. LUMA is committed to helping companies transform their organizations into a culture of innovation and achieving the next level of business success.

Destination Leadership

Destination Leadership Inc. focuses on providing coaching training, one-on-one coaching, and consulting in the area of coaching, succession planning, leadership development and organizational effectiveness. EXPEDITION Coaching Program features custom-designed videos and the most current and innovative coaching techniques. This program helps participants discover the essence of coaching in an easy way and in a quick pace.

Entelechy, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Entelechy quickly established itself as the service- and results-leader in the fields of training and performance optimization. Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) is the world’s premier award-winning, customizable, client-owned leadership development program. With over 23 years of phenomenal success training tens of thousands of leaders at forward-thinking companies, ULP’s award-winning content, simple models, engaging activities, and practical hands-on application ensure that the training “sticks” and that the skills and techniques are applied on the job.