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Course objectives
After taking this course, participants will be able to:
● recognize the importance of business etiquette, be willing to cultivate themselves, and shape positive business image;
● know the etiquettes for various business occasions, and apply the etiquettes skillfully through large amount of simulation exercise;
● dress themselves appropriately by applying the dressing principles and etiquette they learn in class;
● improve interpersonal sensitivity, win the trust of customers, and increase business opportunities.

Benefits of the Course
● promote the etiquette cultivation of staff, and contribute to harmonious working atmosphere
● improve employee’s occupational competence, and improve service quality
● standardize the etiquette behavior of employees, and shape company image

Course Duration
1 day

Course outline
Module I: the essence of etiquette
Through case discussion and interpretation, participants will recognize that etiquette is very important, that business etiquette is important for their career development in business world, so that they feel motivated to learn business etiquette;
Through the discussion on the essence of etiquette, participants will understand that etiquette in essence is to "attend to and respect the other's needs", so they can figure out the appropriate behaviors for any occasions in line with the thinking mode, in stead of confining their application of etiquette only to the scenes taught in classroom.

Module II workplace etiquette
Through learning and practice in this module, participants will be able to correctly understand and grasp the basic manners at workplace and etiquettes for different business situations.
I basic manner
● the meaning of body language: eyes and smile; gesture; standing and sitting posture; other manners
● The expression of body language properly
II Behavior etiquette for business occasions
● 4-step of business visit and reception
  ■ Handshake Etiquette: the respected party enjoys the initiative to shake hands
  ■ Business card and introduction etiquette: the respected party enjoys the privilege of knowing who the other parties are
  ■ Accompanying and escorting etiquette: take care of the other's safety
  ■ Driving Etiquette: safety, convenience
● Meeting etiquette
  ■ Seating Etiquette: business talks; negotiation; signature ceremony; taking group pictures
  ■ Etiquette for hosts: seat; light; tea; telephone
  ■ Etiquette for meeting participants: before / during / after meeting
● Dinner Table Manner
  ■ Basic etiquette: types of business banquets; selecting restaurants; ordering
  ■ Seating Etiquette: seating for Chinese dinner; seating for western meals
  ■ Manner at a western meal : food order; tableware and application, wine tasting manner

Module III Dressing code for business image
Through learning and mastering the dressing principle, participants can learn to dress for the time, place, situation in harmony, and be able to understand and apply the knowledge of differentiating types of business dress, matching clothes, and wearing accessories.
● dress yourself to serve your purpose: transmit your image
● The TOP dressing principle in business occasions: your image should well match the time, place, and occasion
● Types of business attire and application: business formal, business casual
● Business attire for gentleman: suits; tie; shirts; shoes; watch
● Business attire for ladies: color; fabric; pattern; shoes; accessories wearing exercise (software): design appropriate attire for simulated scenario that is relevant to participants’ real workplace

Feature of the Course
I. Change attitude
Starting from the essence of etiquette, the course will firstly help the participants to accept etiquette in mind, and restrain their own behavior; meanwhile, to enable participants to demonstrate appropriate etiquette on basis of the essence, even if they have to cope with the situation that was not covered in classroom learning;
II. Apply in behaviors
The course will conduct various exercises such as simulation, role play, sample display, group discussion and onsite comment, so as to help the participants fully understand the common codes of conduct in business occasions, and apply the codes very skillfully;
III. Refine principles
The TOP principle for business attire is easy for participants to learn and memorize firmly, and enable them to think over and design their business dress in any situations so as to dress themselves appropriately.