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Benefits of the course
● classic assessments to provide you with tailor-made suggestions about how to cope with stress
● unique perspective to facilitate your thorough understanding about what factors cause pressure
● practical skills to help you effectively and timely release the consequences of pressure
● scientific concepts to help you improve your capability of handling stress
● Novel insights to help you build up harmonious atmosphere at work and in life

Feature of the course
● projection tests help participants more deeply explore the real self
● useful tips are easy to be applied in real life
● case study and discussion focus on solving practical problems
● experts in Psychology provide on-site guidance (senior psychology consultants who have more than 2000 hours of actual consulting experience, and acted as facilitators of training on psychological consultancy)

Training methodology
Lecturing, interactive activities, experiential activities, discussion, psychological games, sharing, film study, case study, application exercises

Course duration
1 day

Course objectives
The purpose of this course is to help participants learn how to manage our own and other people's emotions, master the techniques and methods of handing stress and pressure, enjoy happiness at work and in life.

Course outline
Part I, emotion management -- secret of happy work
The new definition of career success
Create life in pain
Live a wonderful life in happiness
Two types of emotion
Positive emotion and negative emotion
Twofold meaning of emotion management
Identify and manage negative emotions
Inspire and experience positive emotions
Three techniques of emotion management
W • James-C • Lange - emotion theory
M • B • Arnold - emotion rating - excitement theory
S • Schachter-J • Singer - theory on three factors of emotion
Principles of emotion management
Physiological, context, cognitive style
Core techniques of emotion management

Part II, stress management -- releasing the consequences of stress
What is stress
The source, process , and reaction of stress
Precondition of stress transforming into driving force
Pro and Con of stress management
economic loss resulting from stress
invisible loss resulting from stress
Three kinds of reaction to stress
Physiological , psychological and behavioral reactions
The common ways of releasing stress, assessment on reacting behaviors to stress
Relaxation techniques to release the consequences of stress

Part III, stress management -- reduce source of stress
Classification of stress sources
Occupational stress and pressure of life
Classification of occupational stress
life events and sources of stress
positive events and negative events
sustained stress
Reduce the source of stress
addition and subtraction technique

Part IV, stress management -- mindset, perspective, and personality
three realms of positive mindset
know two perspectives of your own
recognize your strengths
Understand your weaknesses
Various ways of personality classification
idealism and realism
Emotional and rational ways of decision making

Part V, summary and discussion