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Suitable Situations
This course is a good choice when you hope to accelerate the fast growth of your HIPO staff, help them break through their limitations, move from the state of unconsciousness to that of consciousness, improve your own development effectiveness, eliminate the opposition between teaching and learning, develop their ability of problem analysis and problem solving according to the specific circumstances of each subordinate and conforming to their level of understanding and rhythm of cognitive development,......

Course Orientation
This course aims to help managers realize that coaching skill is a powerful leadership tool, that development objectives should be defined according to the situation of employees, rather than the goals of managers, help employees to think independently, rather solving the problems on behalf of the employees, inspire employees to digest their own experiences and lessons learned, rather than feeding them with manager’s experience, master the process of coaching, and develop coaching related skills

Target Audience
Middle and senior supervisors who need lead subordinates, stimulate their potentials, and work from good to best.

Course Duration
2 days

Program overview
The EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program is a 2-day leadership program designed to enhance the coaching, communication and change leadership skills of managers, improve managers’ skills of leading high performance and high potential employees.
The EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program teaches a set of methods, helping managers and coachees to set up trusting relationship; have a keen insight into the coachee's mental model, overcome their inner obstacles, and release the internal potential; encourage the coachee to learn and discover new perspectives of issues, so that the coachee can grow from excellent to outstanding
Participants will discover coaching as a powerful leadership tool. The workshop will help participants master a set of strategy for coaching conversation that will engage, empower, and inspire people to move ahead, and walk away with the skills that they need to conduct coaching activities and apply the coach-approach in the workplace.

Program features
● High efficiency and effectiveness. Two days are adequate for participants to fully master coaching skills when a couple of weeks would be taken in general for entry level learning.
● Vivid and lively. Case videos are adopted to facilitate classroom training
● business coaching, rather than personal coaching. All the training activities are linked with real background and cases that take place in a enterprise, rather than focusing on scenarios in an individual’s life.

Powerful video clip scenarios
Fourteen custom-designed videos support the key concepts of the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program. The video scenarios demonstrate conversations that take place between people within the real-life workplace including:
Understanding the challenges of introducing a new change
Managing conflict between employees
● Overcoming fear and resistance
● Accepting higher level responsibilities
● Working through disappointment
● Dealing with poor performance
The scenarios demonstrate the EXPEDITION Coaching™ models and the key coaching skills including: 5-step GUIDE Coaching™ Model, Intentional Listening, Intentional Questioning, Coaching Language, Providing Developmental Feedback, Delivering Acknowledgements, and Providing Performance Feedback using the DIRECT Feedback™ Model.

Program Objectives
● Develop a coaching mindset, and acknowledge coaching as an effective learning tool designed to facilitate thinking, creativity, and problem solving
● Distinguish between two roles of coaching, and develop ability to apply proper ways of coaching
● Create the conditions for coaching focused on building a trusting relationship
● Establish proper intentions in coaching conversations
● Identify coaching opportunities in the workplace
● Develop foundational coaching skills: Intentional Listening and Intentional Questioning
● Learn to apply the 5-step GUIDE Coaching ™ Model
● Develop feedback skills: Developmental Feedback, Acknowledgements, and Performance Feedback
● Learn to apply the 6-step DIRECT Feedback™ Model
● Explore coaching as a strategic change leadership and engagement tool

The practical 5-step GUIDE Coaching™ Model uses an Intentional Questioning process to facilitate the coachee’s thinking, creativity and problem solving to support their learning journey to success.
1. GOAL supports the coachee to identify their own goals and objectives;
2. UNDERSTAND supports the coachee to gain understanding, awareness and clarity about their past experience;
3. INSIGHT supports the coachee to develop insight, ideas and solutions;
4. DESIGN supports the coachee to design their action plan;
5. ENABLE supports and enables the coachee to remove / clarify obstacles, take action to achieve their goal.
During the training, the hardcopy card of GUIDE Coaching™ Model will be provided, with printing of facilitative questioning skills and examples of application, to help participants conduct coaching conversation smoothly at workplace.

The 6-step DIRECT Feedback™ Model provides a practical and focused approach for providing performance feedback. The model relies on a coach-approach to support the coachee to develop their own solution.
1. DATA focuses on providing the specific, observed behavior ;
2. IMPACT focuses on communicating the impact to the organization;
3. REQUIREMENT focuses on reviewing or setting the performance expectations;
4. EXPLORE provides the opportunity for the coachee to develop a solution and action plan through coaching;
5. COMMITMENT focuses on gaining commitment to an action plan;
6. TRACK focuses on a process to monitor, track and follow-up key points.

Program Outlines
Welcome, Introductions and Expectations
What is Coaching?
Two perspectives of Coaching
Trust and Creating the Conditions for Coaching
Coaching Relationship Compass
Coaching Intentions and Opportunities
GUIDE Coaching™ Model Overview and 5-Step Process
Coaching Demonstration, Coaching Case Study and Coaching Practice
Practise GUIDE Coaching model
Further experience change of coaching mindset
Learn to apply the coaching skills essential for application of GUIDE Coaching™ Model
● Intentional Listening Skill
● Listening Skills Exercise
● Intentional Questioning Skill
● Summary of Day, Homework & Questions

Welcome Back - Review of Day 1
Review Coaching Skills
Intentional Listening Skill
Intentional Questioning Skill
The Coach-Approach to Feedback
Intentional Coaching Language
Intentional Coaching Language Exercise
Developmental Feedback Skill
Developmental Feedback Exercise
Acknowledging Skill
Acknowledging Exercise
Coaching Practice
Learn DIRECT Feedback™ Model, the coaching model for performance improvement:
Eliminate the difficulties of applying coaching skills in workplace
Coaching Action Plan and Program Close