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FPC Sand Table Courses Introduction
First Priority Consulting(FPC) Su Zhong

Apples and Oranges ®: Sand Table Simulation on Financial Management Techniques for Non-finance People】hereinafter referred to as “Apples and Oranges ®”
Decision Base®: Sand Table Simulation on Strategic Management & Overall Business Operation】hereinafter referred to as “ Decision Base ®”
Tango ™: Graceful Balance Between organizational development and business profitability】hereinafter referred to as " Tango ™ "

Apples and Oranges®, Decision Base®, and Tango™ are a series of training courses involving sand table simulation, which help us to systematically understand enterprises' overall operation and management. The three courses enable professional managers to have an all-around understanding of enterprises' operation and management in their career development. Each course is independent and complementary to the others, presenting a broad view of enterprise operation in proper sequence and letting you acquire a multi-dimensional and strategic conception in this regard. Following is a brief introduction of the course series to give you more idea about the relationship of the three courses. For more specific information about the courses, please refer to the individual course overview.

Apples and oranges® presents the formation process of company's business (the formation process of the value chain), as well as how each section affects the results of company's operation; it describes the relationship between finance and operation, how to seek opportunities from the perspective of finance to improve the company's operation and thus enhance the performance.
The course allows the trainees to experience how the enhanced efficiency within the company will affect its operational results.
Points of learning: basic financial concepts / financial knowledge, business operation analysis (financial analysis), interpretation of basic financial statements, cost consciousness, input-output consciousness, etc.

Based on Apples and Oranges® which enhances the financial awareness in the operation, Decision Base® further strengthens the aspects of decision-making and implementation, i.e. the behavior and influence of various business units in terms of strategy and business awareness, for the purpose of achieving the goal of enterprise operation. In this course, the trainees will consider the overall enterprise operation and understand: balance between strategic objectives and business decision-making and implementation, and the relationship between cash flow and corporate strategies & the achievement of operational objectives.
Trainees will learn and practice repeatedly the following process: developing strategy- setting goals - organizing implementation - reviewing and assessment.
Points of learning: Strategy analysis, goal setting, leadership and execution, financial management, borderless teamwork, etc.

Apples and oranges® answers the question of how business is formed, i.e. how various sections, departments and the company affect each other in terms of the operational results, and it enhances the financial awareness and teaches financial management techniques, which are necessary in business operation. The limitation of Apples and oranges®is that it does not show how the corporate strategy is formed, how various business units implement the strategy and produce a synergistic effect to affect the company's business objectives, which is a issue to be addressed in Decision Base®. Decision Base® answers how various business units can display strategically synergistic effect, make decisions collectively and make joint effort to promote the achievement of the goals.

BothApples and Oranges® and Decision Base®, focus on the management of tangible assets, which means that both courses pay much attention to the continuous growth in equity. However, the underlying factors that affect the continuous growth of shareholders' equity, for example, intangible assets (including technology, brand image and personnel development), are not presented systematically. In order to maintain the competitiveness for the company's continuous development, a high-performance enterprise needs to maintain the growth of the performance (management of tangible assets), and maintain the growth of intangible assets as well. When we review the history of Chinese enterprises, we find out that the enterprise managers focus too much on the management of tangible assets in their day-to-day operation and decision-making; if a enterprise fails to enhance its competitiveness for future development, or to find new profit growth point, its survival and development will be challenged. So, with the development of enterprises, the management of intangible assets should by no means be ignored.

Tango™ addresses the enterprises' problems in the management of intangible assets.
Tango™ is designed to help managers to achieve two major breakthroughs:
Firstly, shifting from the mere pursuit of profitability indicators to paying attention to the four aspects of Balanced Scorecard.
The course highlights the responsibility of managers at various levels on enterprises’ basis, including personnel structure and team development, technology and system development, customer image management; trainees will learn how to strike a balance between making profits and enhancing basic capacities in their daily work.
Secondly, shifting from the management of individual talents to organizational development and team management
The course helps managers realize that the importance of teams is greater than that of individual talents. Trainees will learn how to analyze and plan the number, echelon and age structure of the teams, and to select and assign the appropriate tasks in their daily work in order to meet the requirement of team development and build ideal teams.
The course focuses on the experience of nurturing and applying intangible assets and its influence on companies' sustainable development. It defines managers' responsibilities for organizational development, knowledge management and personnel management, and the establishment of the awareness of double objectives, i.e. profitability (financial responsibility) and sustainable development (organizational development responsibilities).
Points of learning: realistic significance of the formation and management of intangible assets for the maximization of shareholders' equity, realistic significance of matching talented people with different stages of enterprise development, and how to deal with the relationship between making profit and cultivating technology, image and personnel resources.

From Apple & Oranges® to Decision Base®, and then to Tango™, we view finance from the point of business, and view the strategy and operation from the perspective of business, and then view team building from the perspective of organizational development. The course series help us have step-by-step experience of the process of business growth, and understand the only way towards sustainable development of enterprises. The course series also help us establish a multi-dimensional conception of the enterprise business, deal with complicated business environment and develop strategies, set goals and jointly implement them confidently and firmly. When we contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, we also add luster to our own careers!