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First Priority Consulting (FPC) is one of the earliest leading management training companies founded in China. Providing over 4000 days of training workshops every year, FPC serves over 500 companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Our continued success reflects our competitive advantages.

FPC stands out in its reliability and flexibility. We ensure reliable training delivery while responding to meeting specific customer needs.
FPC believes that the prime to satisfying customer needs reside with: responding to unique customer needs and modifying our services and products. FPC does it by:
Training needs analysis: FPC works with customers to review the people development issues in their drive to achieve business results, based on which we will then define training needs to be satisfied.
Course design and development: FPC designs or modifies training programs based on training needs defined.
Training delivery: Our professional training team ensures stable and reliable implementation of the training programs.
Training evaluation and follow-up: FPC advises clients on evaluation and follow-up methods after training; provides follow-up service to selected clients to support workshop participants use skills learned on the job. This helps to reduce clients’ burden in training follow-up.

Reliable training programs and stable delivery standards are key to customer satisfaction. FPC’s reputation is due to:
World-class courses—FPC searches for and work with our principals all over the world introduce proven training programs. This ensures that FPC stays at the leading edge in respective areas of training.
Professional trainers— All courses are led by full-time facilitators trained intensively and certified by original course developers. Each course has its research team consisting of several facilitators to continuously improve course contents and delivery methods.
Attitude training—Trainees could not master a lot of skills through simple classroom lecture. Their thoughts should be changed first and fast, then they will desire to resolve problems by learning in practice. FPC encourage them to continue learning by thinking different points of view, improving the understanding of learning, providing necessary knowledge, and carrying out in practice.
Behavioral training— FPC adapts leading training philosophy and practices. Training provided by FPC does not focus on providing knowledge and big concepts. We focus on training skills for participants to learn and apply effective behavior.
Unique techniques—FPC possesses advanced facilitating techniques and applies them in its training sessions. The function of a trainer is not to teach but to help participants develop skills to think and act. FPC’s facilitating techniques enable participants practice and think more, keeping telling and teaching to the minimum.

We firmly believe that learning, instead of teaching, is the only possible way to make training effective. We believe that learning does not happen through the trainer’s mouth but in the learner’s mind. FPC’s training excels in its genuine understanding in business needs of its clients and the key elements of adult learning. FPC trainers thoroughly understand and capture essence of training and take their role in facilitating learning by inspiring thinking, motivating try out of skills and encouraging self-discovery of learners.
Our training focuses on assisting our clients improve their bottom line results and building capability in solving their own problems, i.e. the ability in analyzing issues, solving problems and making good decisions. We focus on long-term impacts on the organization and encourage our clients to track and evaluate behavioral changes after training. Rigorous evaluation would help promote the development of the training industry and create long term value for clients.
FPC can not only provide enterprise the courses that meet the actual needs, but also provide hundreds of public seminars and workshops in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu, bringing together various talents in different industries, sharing series of excellent training courses and training practice.

FPC is a key partner for these international famous training program developers:【in board-based business simulations】, 【in interpersonal communication products】and【Cracking the Sales Management Code】,【Moments of Truth® programs】,【the world-class Kepner&Fourie problem-solving & decision-making training products designed by Dr. Charles H. Kepner】,【Think on Your Feet®】, 【Innovation for People】, 【Expedition Coaching™】, 【Principles of Project Management】.

FPC has established long-term business partnership with the following renowned companies / organizations from home and broad (The names are listed in no particular order, including but not limited to):
Petroleum and foundation energy:Sinopec、BP、ABB、CGN
Electronics and Information : Lenovo、Ericsson、IBM、SONY、Philips、HP、Samsung Electronics、HUAWEI
Mechanical Manufacturing: Emerson、Texas Instruments、QSMC、OMRON、Schindler、Schneider Electric SA
Fast Moving Consumer Goods: Amway、Coca-Cola、Xtep、L'Oreal、3M
Auto spare parts: Ford Motor Company、BMW、CBA、VOLVO、Volkswagen、General Motors Corporation、F.I.A.T.、BOSCH
Biological pharmaceutical:Johnson & Johnson、Pfizer Inc.、Wyeth、Roche、BAYER、
real estate:China Resources (Holdings) Co.,Ltd.、China Vanke Co.,Ltd、capitaland、LongFor
Internet: Tencent、Baidu、Shanghai shanda networking development Co., LTD
Other industries: TAIKANG LIFE、Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd.、Global Sources、Air China Limited

FPC’s Awards granted by its international partners, the government and the media:
2014: Executive member of the magazine ”Training”
2012-2013 (2 consecutive years) Special Contribution Award of Outstanding Partner for the course “Tango” granted by Sweden Celemi International Ab Company (Ranked the first in its sales and course sessions)
2012-2013 (2 consecutive years) Global Best Performance Award of course series “Thinking Works” granted by US Kapner and Fourie Company (Ranked the first in sales and made great contribution to the course optimization)
2013 Global Leading Partner Award of the course “Cooperation and Beyond” granted by US Persona Company (Ranked the first in sales and made great contribution to the course optimization)
2011-2012 Excellent Private Enterprise Award of Global Economy City, Jiading District, Shanghai
2010: Nanxiang Award for Top 10 Taxpayer Companies, Jiading District, Shanghai
2007-2013 (7 consecutive years) Global Best Partner Award for the course “Moments of Truth” granted by Australia Esprite Changeware Company.
2008-2013 (6 consecutive years) Global Best Partner Award and Excellent Performance Award granted by Canada Think On Your Feet Company
2005: Outstanding Private Company Award, Jiading District, Shanghai
2002: Top 10 influential training companies awarded by China Training Congress.